Wednesday, 11 November 2015

MooGoo Acne Cleansing Cream Review

Hey everyone! Just wanted to start with an apology for my absence, university exams were slowly crushing my soul for the past month or so but I'm back now with my skincare secret.

I've had hormonal acne since I was 9, started on hormone regulators when I was 15 or so and through my many years of topical treatments and strange remedies there hasn't been anything as effective as this cleansing cream by MooGoo. I used to get breakouts almost every day, and would always have an active pimple on my face. Ever since using MooGoo in conjunction with my current acne-fighting-skin-soothing organic skin care routine, my skin has literally been clear for months. Even during that time of the month, where I am particularly prone to breakouts, my skin is clear. 

Essentially it is a moisturiser with beneficial oils and ingredients that nourish the skin and prevent the natural oils in your pores from going rancid and causing white heads and pimples. It's also brightening, which helps to lighten my acne scars that litter my cheeks and forehead and chin and basically my entire face. It also doesn't have Benzoyl Peroxide, which I actually used when I was 13 and it left me heaps of brown scarring and hyper-pigmentation on my forehead that took years and years to go away.

My scarring and pigmentation are still here. This is a miracle cream and it won't fade your scars right away. But I do see a difference between my old red-purple scars and my now pinkish scars. I'm really hoping that with sun protection and a good skin care regime my skin will be eventually clear for the first time since I was a child :)

MooGoo is honestly one of my favourite companies. It's Australian, they don't test on animals, and they're always really transparent with their ingredients list. Skin care is always on the top of their priorities; even their Earth Cream, which is like a tinted moisturiser with sunscreen, has mostly skincare ingredients and only pigment ingredients for coverage at the bottom of the list.

To learn more about this acne cleansing cream, check out MooGoo's website and their testimonials. Btw this post is absolutely not sponsored and MooGoo doesn't even know I exist lol.

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