Monday, 30 November 2015

Rimmel Match Perfection SPF 20 Foundation Review

Hey everyone! Today is a quick review on Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation with SPF 20. I'm a lover of mineral makeup but recently I've needed a night-time foundation, and I've been reaching for this. (It's got a little bit of flashback but not as dramatically as my Nude by Nature Mineral Cover.)

My favourite thing about this foundation is its texture. It's very smoothing and light and liquidy, and is just fantastically comfortable on my skin. I think this will be very soothing for people with dry and/or dehydrated skin, which I tend to get around my cheeks. My t-zone can get oily throughout the day, but this foundation doesn't really shift, as long as you powder the problem areas. It takes a little while to dry down properly, but when it does it's a very flawless satin finish. It's also very blendable, and easy to apply with a flat top brush or just your fingers. I would call this medium but buildable coverage, which is my favourite because it means the foundation is very flexible.

The packaging is also very functional with a pump, and the glass bottle is a classy touch, although it does make it a little fragile to travel with.

I use the colour Soft Beige, which is an okay match, but I do need to lighten it a little with concealer and powder. For reference I have light-medium yellow tones, around NC20-25 in MAC colouring. The colour range isn't all that impressive to be honest, especially with a name like 'Match Perfection'. They do cater for light shades but definitely not darker shades.

Have you tried this foundation? Or do you have a foundation for photography to recommend? Comment below! :)

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  1. I've used this a few times with a flat top brush and I love it. I still need to try it with my fingers I heard it's not as great.

    1. I'm glad you like it! I guess it depends on your skin type and needs :) Thanks for dropping by!