Sunday, 13 September 2015

Dusty Girls Earth Cream Review

I first came across Dusty Girls in a random chemist, and I was surprised because I hadn't seen or heard about them before, which is a rarity for me nowadays because I'm quite beauty obsessed. I decided to look up reviews and couldn't really find any, but the ingredients and the DG website were enough for me to make my first purchase, the Earth Cream.

I can see why it's called an Earth Cream, because it's an awesome skincare product with sunscreen and a tint, with natural and healthy ingredients for the skin. It's not just a tinted moisturiser that's for sure, and it's better for your skin than most of the BB creams on the western market.

So I just want to talk about Dusty Girls for a moment. They're the sister brand of MooGoo, which is also an amazing skincare brand (if you have acne, especially white heads, you NEED to try their Acne Cleansing Cream, it has literally saved my skin). Their ingredients are natural and they're also very honest with everything in their products. If you browse their website you'll find articles on different ingredients they use and also on stuff they choose to exclude, proving that a lot of thought on how to maintain healthy skin while wearing makeup has been put into their products.

But back to the Earth Cream. I wore this for almost month straight when I first bought it; it was surprisingly nice coverage, it was silicon free (which is something I like to see in liquid products), it dried to a matte finish and it also had a little SPF in it. I should note that because it is built of more natural ingredients, that this cream doesn't have the same texture as others on the market.

I accidentally pumped out too much - you need maybe half this amount for your whole face!

It pumps out with a mousse like appearance, but it is actually very airy and thin, but at the same time it holds a decent amount of pigment. It also doesn't spread across the skin as evenly as traditional foundations because it doesn't have silicon, but I find if you pat it in with your finger tips it looks the most even. It can also accentuate dry patches, and I imagine this was formulated with more oily skinned people in mind, but I find it works fine with a good moisturiser underneath. 

It comes in two shades, light and medium, but from the reviews and also my experience, I think that the shades are actually quite versatile because of the light coverage hence sheer colour. I use the colour light and it's a little too neutral for my olive toned skin, but it manages to adjust a little after half an hour or so.

I definitely recommend this for people who are looking for a lighter coverage, who want a everyone-in-one product that is actually good for the skin. I think it's perfect for sensitive skins, especially the for those with a skin type that breaks out with shifty ingredients.

You can look for the stocklist on the Dusty Girls website or just buy online, and I know they chuck in a couple of samples along with online orders :)

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  1. I haven't heard of this brand, but have heard great things about MooGoo. Great review, I think I need this cream myself! xx