Monday, 7 December 2015

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Perfect Fit SPF 30 Review

I mentioned in my November favourites that I've been meaning to do a review on this BB cream, so here it is! I've been wearing this BB cream a lot more lately and I've been really loving it. When I first was looking for an Etude House BB cream to try, I wasn't sure because there weren't many reviews out there so I hope this helps some of you!

The point of BB cream is that it has skincare, sunscreen and coverage all in one. I like how it has SPF 30, but be careful because the sunscreens they use are all physical sunscreens, which means flashback if you're using flash photography. If you look at the ingredients list it has Pearl as the second ingredient (water being the first), which just shows how serious Etude House is about skincare embedded makeup products. In fact all the pigment is at the bottom of the list of ingredients, which is definitely a good sign. I find my skin has been looking brighter and feels softer after wearing this BB cream, but my skincare routine is probably also helping with that.

The formula and texture is very creamy and smooth, and blends into the skin very easily. I would consider this to be a light-medium coverage, and very brightening. It doesn't have a dewy finish but it's not matte either. I had initially picked this BB cream because I heard it was matte, and while it does dry down to a slightly powdery finish, I think it's more of a satin finish. Depending on how you like your skin to look, you may need to powder but I don't think it's a necessity. It sits and feels fairly comfortable on your skin, you'll definitely feel like you have something on your face but it doesn't look or feel cakey. If you have textured skin or dry patches, this might not be as flattering. I have combination skin with textured acne scarring and I find it can be a little patchy if I don't blend this in with a sponge.

I love how it comes with a pump, and the packaging is very travel friendly. This is something I look out for in BB creams, because they're such an all-rounder product that I feel like it constantly belongs in my travel makeup bag.

Korean base makeup isn't known for being very diverse in colour range. I use the colour W24 Honey Beige, one of the darker shades. If you have pale and pink toned skin, you'll probably really like Asian makeup. If you're around NC20 to NC25 in MAC and have yellow tones, then W24 should work for you.

Overall I'm really happy with this BB cream and I'm excited to try other Etude House products. I think I would give this a rating of 7.5/10! Have you tried any or do you have any you'd like to try? Feel free to share below in the comments section!

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