Sunday, 20 December 2015

My favourite cleansers

Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you some of my favourite cleansers. I used to think that any cleanser would do, since it's a product that you wash off anyway, but after switching to organic skincare I've realised that a cleanser should help maintain the right pH, not strip the skin of all its natural oils, be gentle but thorough and should leave your skin feeling soft, clean and nourished.

Let's start off with makeup removers:
Byphasse Micellar Water, Rubifresh Oil Cleanser
1. Rubifresh Oil Cleanser (step 1)
This is my first oil cleanser and I love it! It's so easy to use; two pumps, massage it all over your face, splash on some warm water and wipe of gently with a couple of cotton rounds! I was a little wary of the citrus oil around my eyes, but I didn't experience any irritation. In fact I think because this runs a little waxy it doesn't drip, which means you have lots of control around the lashline. I also love how dewy, glowly and bouncy this makes my skin, I think it's organic ingredients and essential oils.

2. Byphasse Micellar Water
I spotted this at Chemist Warehouse for $5 and thought it was such a steal. It doesn't sting my eyes, and gets rid of all my eyeliner and mascara. I love this because it's so gentle on the skin, in comparison to makeup wipes. If you want to protect your skin against wrinkles, micellar water is the way to go. 

I like to follow up with another cleanser to make sure there's no makeup residue:
Sukin Cream Cleanser, Rubifresh Gel Cleanser
1. Sukin Cream Cleanser
I think I've said this a million times but Sukin is one of my favourite brands for healthy good-for-skin skincare. Their cream cleanser smells like oranges, is incredibly gentle and  very very hydrating. I feel like I could massage this onto my skin for ages, it's just so nourishing. The packaging makes it a little awkward to travel with, but I like how handy it is sitting on my bathroom counter.

2. Rubifresh Gel Cleanser (step 2)
This is the second step of Rubifresh's cleansing system, and it's amazing. It's a funny texture, it also seems to separate as you work it into your skin. There's something about Rubifresh's ingredients that just make my skin look so calm and feel so soft. The combination of the oil cleanser and this gel one leaves my skin hydrated enough that all I need is some Rose Mist toner and my skin is soft, bouncy and fresh.

And finally, right before bed, I like to use my Sukin Super Greens Facial Scrub:

I think it really cleanses my skin and preps it to soak in all my skincare. The beads aren't the sort that are bad for the environment, and it leaves my skin so glowy.

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  1. Sukin can never go wrong! We love their entire range