Thursday, 9 July 2015

Chi Chi Super BB Cream!

Today’s post is another rave, this time about one of my favourite BB creams! To be honest I don’t really like western BB creams, I don’t really believe they really have that great skin care stuff in them, but I’m a huuuge fan of this one. Maybe because it’s made in Korea, so I feel like it’s actually got some punch in it in terms of skincare beautifying properties, or maybe it’s because I can actually feel and see a difference after using this BB Cream for a month straight!

I was first attracted to this BB cream because the colour Medium was perfect for my skin colour, which is rare in the Australian market because everything is usually pinky-neutral in comparison to my yellow-olive complexion. The finish is definitely dewy, probably from the hydrating (skincare) oils you can find on the ingredients list.

It comes with a convenient pump, blends flawlessly and is a strong medium coverage. I don’t even really have any cons so I can’t be bothered making a pros and cons list! You can find this in Myer, Target and of course the Chi Chi website. If you’re looking for a Korean BB cream but they colours are all too pale for you, try this range!

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