Saturday, 25 July 2015

How I use coconut oil: 4 ways!

4 Coconut Oil Uses

1. Hair mask + detangler
My favourite way to use coconut oil is on my hair. I have long thick hair to my waist and using a hair mask for 20 minutes before I wash my hair keeps it that way. I like to focus on my tips and my scalp because they're very dry, especially in winter time. It also gives me a chance to give myself a scalp massage.

Another way to use it in your hair is as a detangler. I actually try not to brush my hair too often, because I feel like overbrushing is damaging. But by the end of the week I have a couple knots that coconut oil just gently detangles. Just work some coconut oil between your hands, run through your hair, and then gently comb through.

2. Cuticle cream
I don't paint my nails often but when I do, the process of polish around my cuticles and then nail polish remover when I take off the colour leaves my cuticles all dry and cracking. A spot of coconut oil on my thumb and a quick rub of coconut oil over them leaves them soft and smooth again.

3. Body/hand moisturiser
Along the same line of cuticle cream, because of its moisturising properties, coconut oil is also handy as a body/hand cream. I find it a little too heavy duty for summer, but during the drier winter months coconut oil is my go-to. It also smells amazing.

4. Shaving cream
Less messy, and super effective. I like to take a tiny amount between my fingers and melting it down before applying a very thin layer on my skin as shaving cream. And the best thing is you don't have to wash it off afterwards and you can just work it into your skin.

So those are my ways of using coconut oil in my beauty routine. Do you have any tips and tricks to share?

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  1. I adore coconut oil, also. It's a staple in the bathroom, as well as the kitchen :)

    1. Haha, I forgot to mention the kitchen! Yes definitely :)