Friday, 10 July 2015

Decluttering old makeup

To be honest I haven’t thrown away everything in this photo…
Gone are:
  • Revlon Colorstay that’s all separated and gross, thank goodness it was gifted otherwise I’d feel pretty bad because this foundation is pretty pricey in Australia
  • Maybelline Age Rewind that I used to mix in with BB creams that were always ridiculously pale but to be honest I hate mixing foundations
  • Daiso charcoal mask that I used ONCE, and hated. I got this because there was so much hype about it, but I just found it overly drying and a sticky mess
  • Physicians Formula gel eyeliner in Brown, which I loved at one point as an eyeliner and to fill in my brows because it was water resistant, but it’s all dried up now
Some things I’m having a hard time getting rid of because I feel like I can still use are:
  • Lilan Vital cream to powder foundation, that I’ve actually hit pan on. It’s very pale on me but I don’t mind using it as a concealer under a product that suits my skin, only I don’t reach for it as much as I’d like. I might try to use it all up as part of my project pan which is why I’m tempted to keep it.
  • Revlon blush that’s a beautiful colour, only I don’t like using talcs on my skin BUT I’ve already made a dent in it and I feel obliged to use it up and I literally have one other blush so I feel like I should keep this??? Still need to think about this a little more, I reckon.
  • Maybelline eyeshadow quad that I’ve used quite a few times but it’s not a favourite or a staple and doesn’t seem to earn its keep on my counter. Another candidate for project pan, and it does have some nice colours I could use for special occasions and the like.
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