Monday, 20 July 2015

Makeup Wishlist

Today's blog post is just a fun one, a makeup wishlist that I might return to after I finish my Project Pan! To be honest I don't need any of these, but I would love to try them nonetheless. Let's just started!

Nude by Nature Mineral Cover RRP $39.95 AUD - I have a sample of this in Medium but I really want to get the full size!

theBalm Eyeshadow Palette in Meet Matt(e) Nude RRP $42
I've been keeping an eye on theBalm for ages because they have lovely talc-free and paraben-free products that seem right up my alley, and this palette is so gorgeous but overpriced in Australia. I might save up on this but I have enough eyeshadows to keep me going for a while. This is definitely a 'don't need' and splurge item.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Fire and Ice and Teak Rose RRP $21.95
Am I the only one who finds Revlon luxurious? It's definitely one of the more expensive lines in Priceline or the 'drugstore' here in Australia. Unless I find these on sale, I probably won't be able to pick them up because twenty dollars for a lipstick is just stupid. But they're ridiculously gorgeous shades, and Fire and Ice reminds me of a certain books series...

Luma by Jess Hart Powder Blush in Dusty Rose RRP $24.95
Another talc-free product I'm dying to add to my collection, but I know deep down my current loose blush will get neglected if I buy a pressed one (they're easier to use and less messy). So I'm going to hold onto the urge to splurge on this one for now, and maybe when Priceline comes out with a 40% off makeup around November I would have used enough of my Nude by Nature blush to warrant a new blush purchase.

What's on your makeup wishlist? Leave me a comment below :)

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  1. Great wishlist. I've had my eye on that theBalm palette as well... really must pick it up! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    1. Thanks! It really is gorgeous isn't it ^_^ T_T