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My Nude By Nature Stash + Reviews

Not pictured (because I'm an idiot and forgot) is the NBN mineral veil pressed powder.
 I'm a huge mineral makeup fanatic and one of my favourite brands is Nude by Nature. It's an Australian mineral makeup brand that's mid-range in terms of price, but fairly pricey compared to other brands in Priceline. I've collected a small number of the products and am keen to try more, but I don't really have anything I need, and considering the price, I can't really go try everything in the range (unfortunately).

Nevertheless, the range is diverse for a mineral range, and has everything from lipsticks to eyeliners to foundations (liquid, pressed powder and loose powder). Their ingredients lists are always amazing and for that I am happy to own every NBN piece I do.

For swatches scroll to the end ;)

NBN's Virgin Blush is the only mineral blusher I own, and I use this almost everyday.

To be honest it's messy, and because it's in a loose powder form I find it really difficult to control but it's a gorgeous colour - a shimmery peach but buildable to an almost rosey pink. It also makes my whole face glow, and you need the smallest amount so I think it's great value for money.

I just wish the packaging had the wind top like the full sized mineral foundations so I can travel with this and control how much comes out because this is a bit of a monster. Because it's so pigmented, if I get too much on my brush I need to blot it off on my wrist or a tissue first, otherwise I look like a clown.

I think it's a shade that is universally flattering and suits a range of skin tones. It's bright and dark enough to show up on darker skin tones and can be used sheer enough for paler skin tones too.

Pros: Beautiful colour, versatile for all skin tones, pigmented, lasts all day, good value for money
Cons: Can't travel with it, packaging could be better, application can be messy, difficult to control pigmentation

I own two of the Natural Mineral Covers, a full size in Light and a sample size in Medium. The Light is way way too light for me, and I honestly don't know what was going through my head when I was buying it. I think I picked it because it was the most yellow toned, but honestly it is just too pale and I look like I'm sick when I have it on.

The Medium sample is new to my stash, but I'm so glad I spotted it with a starter kit in Target for $10. I think I'm really able to love this powder foundation now that I have the right shade (although this still leans more neutral in comparison to my light olive/yellow skin tone), it's such a flattering and natural foundation. I like to use a buffing brush to really work this into my skin. I would call it a medium coverage, and buildable if you have patience and a good brush, but I'm not sure if I can achieve full coverage with this. But it's so invisible on the skin, and it makes my skin so so soft. It is a little less forgiving over breakouts and dry patches, but not many foundations are flattering either anyway.

The colour selection is definitely an issue. I wish they catered for different tones (neutral, cool, warm). The packaging is perfect in the full size, and not so great in the sample. I think I might give away the Light powder and repurchase the Medium when I run out of the sample.

Pros: Nice packaging if you can get your hands on the full size, huge jar of product, invisible on the skin, great ingredients for your skin
Cons: Colour range a little off, quite expensive ($40 AUD), quite messy to apply, high zinc oxide content so may not be good for flash photography

Now onto the brushes: NBN brushes are softest I've ever got my hands on. The one on the left came with a kit, and it's a massively and gorgeously soft kabuki. It is dense enough to buff mineral powder onto the face for a medium coverage, and soft enough to properly work the powder into the skin. I know they have brush sets and I think they're definitely worth looking into as they're very high quality for their price. The one on the right is their mineral face brush, but as you can probably tell the handle fell off during washing. But the bristles have not shed and I still use it for blush and bronzing.

From L to R: Natural Mineral Cover in Light, Natural Mineral Cover in Medium, Virgin Blush.
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